Hyfac Gel cleanser skin 150ml

dermtologique cleansing gel for the face and body.

Manufacturer: Hyfac

SKU: 2435816 Hyfac Gel cleanser skin 150ml


Hyfac is a brand of cosmetics for problem skins.

the cleansing gel dermatological is designed specifically for young problem skin. It allows to eliminate the imperfections of the skin and excess sebum.

soft and SOAP-free it attacking not the skin. It cleans all smooth. The skin is hydrated and purified.

oncteuse texture allows for easy use. Indeed, it foam contact water. Its fresh leaves a delicate feeling of well-being on the skin of the face and body. In addition, it does not sting and the skin is not torn.

the skin is clean and healthy. The impurities are removed.

operating Hyfac Cleansing Gel skin tips:

Gently apply the gel on the previously wet skin and massage from the fingertips to froth by making circular movements. Rinse carefully and dry gently.