Hei Poa scrub foam tiara 150ml

SKU: 4777263 Hei Poa scrub foam tiara 150ml

Overview : free your skin of dullness, through the foaming scrub. Subtle agreement Mono de Tahiti AO, moisturizing, nourishing and restorative properties, and a composed of Tahitian black sand scrub exotic blend, papaya, coconut and Tamanu sacred. Skin is soft and fragrant. Perfume flower Tiara. Composition: Mono de Tahiti A.O., scrub exotic blend, vitamin e. WITHOUT DYE - PARABEN - FREE PHENOXYETHANOL operating tips: one to two times per week, rub your wet skin focusing well on rough areas (elbows, knees...). Rinse. . For even more efficiency, apply the scrub on dry skin and rinse. . In summer, to properly prepare your skin by ridding it of its dead skin, use the scrub before the first sun exposure: Tan will be uniform and bright. packaging : 150 ml Tube