Hei Poa scrub foam tiara 150ml


SKU 4777263 Hei Poa scrub foam tiara 150ml

Overview :
free your skin of dullness, through the foaming scrub. Subtle agreement Mono de Tahiti AO, moisturizing, nourishing and restorative properties, and a composed of Tahitian black sand scrub exotic blend, papaya, coconut and Tamanu sacred. Skin is soft and fragrant.
Perfume flower Tiara.

Mono de Tahiti A.O., scrub exotic blend, vitamin e.


operating tips:
one to two times per week, rub your wet skin focusing well on rough areas (elbows, knees...). Rinse.
. For even more efficiency, apply the scrub on dry skin and rinse.
. In summer, to properly prepare your skin by ridding it of its dead skin, use the scrub before the first sun exposure: Tan will be uniform and bright.

packaging :
150 ml Tube

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