Halita Fort Spray 15ml

Halita is the treatment of specific choice of halitosis (bad breath) of oral origin.

Manufacturer: Halita

SKU: 9950559 Halita Fort Spray 15ml

Properties Halita Spary Fort:

Halita spray Fort, ambulatory form, is the indispensable complement of Halita oral solution and Halita tongue cleaner, to maintain freshness and protection you need during 24 hours. its formula contains:

  • chlorhexidine gluconate 0.05%, antiseptic broad-spectrum. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties against bacteria producing volatile sulfur descomposes (CVS or smelly substances), causes of halitosis.
  • lactate 0.14% zinc, neutralizes the CVS and protects oral cavity.
  • cetylpyridinium chloride 0.05%, antiseptic which acts synergistically with chlorhexidine to complement its action against producing CSV bacteria.

indications Halita Spray Fort:

  • transitional halitosis produced by food, beverages, tobacco, hormonal changes, medications, etc.
  • chronic bad breath (halitosis), by accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity that produce smelly gas (CSV).

Halita Spray Fort operating tips:


1) in sprays during the day to maintain 24 hours a healthy breath and fresh. not forget... 2) ensure good oral hygiene through classic brushing and interdental spaces rigorous brushing. lingual hygiene is essential, this is why we recommend the daily use of the Halita tongue. Regular monitoring at the dentist visits are necessary. 3) drink plenty of water, especially between meals. Are some of the factors that can dry out the mouth and promote the emergence of bad breath: sleep (bad morning breath), breathe through your mouth, snore, smoking, certain medications (antidepreseurs, antihistamines, antihypertensives), stress, many speak, intense exercise...

  • control his drinking alcohol, tobacco, and coffee.
  • reduce the consumption of foods such as garlic, onion, seasonings...
  • avoid long periods of fasting, in order to reduce the periods between meals.