Gum wire dental Floss 50 m Access

dental floss to clean effectively autour of Crowns, bridges and implants.

Manufacturer: Gum Butler

SKU: 2067422 gum wire dental Floss 50 m Access

It is sometimes difficult to clean around the crowns, implants or bridges and even in wide interdental spaces. Indeed, the toothbrush is not enough to clean all of these spaces. It is therefore essential to use dental floss.


The Gum Butler laboratory specializes in dental hygiene. It develops dental products such as toothbrushes, brushes and even dental floss.

The Gum laboratory Access Floss dental floss is ideal for implants, bridges, crowns and interdental spaces wide.Indeed, the action of a conventional toothbrush removes that partially plaque, it is therefore essential to use a dental floss for perfect oral hygiene.

Thanks to its integrated Rubber Grommet rigid, crowns, bridges, implants and interdental space are cleaned efficiently. The central wire is dilated in order to adapt to different sizes of interdental spaces and increase the contact area.

Dental plaque is removed perfectly.

Tips for using GUM wire dental Floss Access:

FLOSS as often as necessary especially after brushing the teeth.

Pull the thread until the green cable is visible. If the Green grommet is exceeded, rewind the wire in a clockwise direction. Then, cut in the centre of the Green grommet.