GUM toothbrush teeth travel soft compact ref 158

GUM travel is a standard size toothbrush that in pulling back, turns into travel brush compact!

Manufacturer: Gum

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SKU: 7077968 brush teeth Gum travel soft compact ref 158


GUM travel is a standard size toothbrush that is folding into compact travel brush! design in 3 parts: the head and the neck fold conveniently in the inning. a location flexible plastic, dedicated to the thumb, brings comfort and control during brushing.Ventilation spaces placed in the handle avoid excess moisture.Strands, impregnated with an anti-bacterial agent prevents the proliferation of bacteria between the brushings.A cup of strands shaped dome designed for efficient removal of the plate to the surface of the tooth and under the gingival sulcus.Strands dome-shaped Cup is clinically proven to reduce gingivitis.

operating tips:

without exerting excessive pressure, brush the outer surface of 2 or 3 teeth a rotary motion from the gums to the teeth. Repeat this movement on the next group of 2 or 3 teeth.


synthetic material.