Gum plate Red side ref 824 developer

control of brushing. Advised to reveal plaque.

Manufacturer: Gum



SKU: 7456594 Gum Developer's plate Red side ref 824

indications: control of brushing. advised to reveal plaque.

Gum revealing tablets of plate: coloured plaque to make it visible. allows to verify or improve the effectiveness of the brushing.

operating tips: rinse mouth with water.

Chew 1/2 Tablet and keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds before you spit it out.


to rinse the mouth with water. Areas where brushing has not been well achieved are colored in red.

Completely eliminate the dark red colour immediately brushing teeth, using dental floss or an interdental brush. The staining of the tongue and mucous membranes will disappear little by little.

composition: Dextrose, Mannitol Powder, Stearic Acid Powder, Cherry Flavor, D & C Red #28 (Cl 45410), Calcium Stearate, Sodium Saccharin, FD & C Blue #1 (Cl 42090), Sodium Fluorescein.