Gum gum Paroex Gel 75ml toothpaste

Toothpaste prescribed for gum problems and the health post operative.

Manufacturer: Gum



SKU: 7208436 Toothpaste Gum gum Paroex Gel ref 1770


Gum problems. Post operative health.


Acts on dental plaque and gingival consequences. The chlorhexidine 0.12% is the antiseptic agent for reference. Vitamin E acetate and panthenol D are associated with chlorhexidine to GUM Paroex gel a complete care of teeth and gums.


Chlorhexidine (0.12%). Vitamin E + D Panthenol. Without anion foaming agent likely to inactivate the chlorhexidine.


In daily brushing with a soft toothbrush GUM. at least 2 times per day for 3 minutes. Using the GUM interdental brushes. Massage on the area concerned. In application. on passing sutures after oral surgery.