Gum Gingidex mouthwash attack anti-plaque treatment - 300ml

GUM Gingidex mouthwash for the professional control of the plate dental and a better gum health
Manufacturer: Gum Butler


SKU: 9524733 Gum Gingidex bath of mouth treatment of attack anti-plaque

GUM Gingidex mouth wash is indicated in the fight against dental plaque and the health of your gums. Thanks to its system double action anti-plaque at base of Digluconate of chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium, this solution chloride helps to improve the balance of sensitive periodontal tissues. This bath of mouth is particularly effective after oral surgery or implant.

Tips for a good use of this mouth wash

For optimal use of this mouth wash, Sanareva pharmacists advise you to use the CAP-dispenser with 10-15 ml of pure solution. Shake it in your mouth and then spit it out after 30 seconds.