Granions Somdor + melatonin 15 tablets


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Granions Somdor + melatonin tablets 15


Somdor + melatonin Labs Granions is an ideal food for people suffering from sleep disorders like sleep difficult, nocturnal Awakenings, stress or even the effects of jet lag. It has a formula strengthened to facilitate sleep and promote natural and restorative sleep.

Granions Somdor + melatonin composition:

cyracos, extract of lemon balm promotes natural sleep and decreases by half initial insomnia after 15 days of use. Its action is supplemented by Valerian, hops, Passionflower and Hawthorn flowers.

the formula Somdor + Associates also of melatonin, "sleep hormone".

operating tips:

take 1 tablet 30 minutes before sunset over a period of 15 days or punctually. Program to renew if necessary.

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