Gilbert Essential Emergency First Aid Kit

SKU: 6117335


A new essential first aid kit is brought to you by Gilbert. Both handy and compact, it contains the necessary tools to treat a small injury or wound. Thanks to its compact size, it can be transported anywhere.


First aid kit for first response in emergencies.

Recommended Use:

Before approaching an injury, it is advisable to wash and disinfect one's hands. In case of serious injury, dirt or heavy bleeding, from a bite or burning with blister formation, consult a physician.


Keep the kit away from light and moisture.Keep out of the reach and sight of children.


  • 1 pair of red scissors,
  • 1 pair of tweezers,

  • 1 pair of vinyl gloves, 

  • 5 100% cotton gauzes, 

  • 3 regular plasters 19mm x 72mm,

  • 3 regular plasters 25mm x 72mm,

  • 2 blister plasters 34mm x 54mm,

  • 2 blister plasters 20mm x 65mm,

  • 1 stretchable band 3m x 7cm,

  • 6 cleaning pads,

  • 5 single dose of saline solution 5ml.