Gilbert baby 60ml sweet almond oil
Gilbert baby 60ml sweet almond oil
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Gilbert baby 60ml sweet almond oil

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natural sweet almond oil, known for its nourishing, is suitable for children and adults.
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Gilbert baby 60 ml sweet almond oil

Laboratories Gilbert offers a range of care tailored to baby's skin.


Sweet almond oil is known for its moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties, and restores the skin's film.

For babies, it helps soften the crusts of milk, it is ideal as a basis for massage during addition of essential oils. Applied only on the skin, it helps to combat Pityriasis and chapping. sweet almond oil is a multi-use, it is suitable for children as the adults for use in care hydratanrt. In addition, sweet almond oil is necessary to combat the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Gilbert sweet almond oil operating tips:

To combat the crusts of milk, heat a few drops of sweet almond oil your hands, then massage the scalp of your baby, the evening at sunset. The next morning, wash his scalp with a suitable shampoo.

For use to the skin, Amande Douce oil can there be applied directly, alone or supplemented oil (s) key (s).

To counteract the effects of limestone on your skin, do not hesitate to pour a few drops of it directly into the water of your bath.

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