Gifrer Physiologica Solution for Nasal and Ophthalmic Irrigation 30 single doses x 5 ml


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Physiologica is recommended for irrigation of the nasal cavity and daily ocular irrigation for infants, children and adults. Nasal irrigation: Physiologica facilitates nasal irrigation for toddlers whose noses are often congested with mucous. It promotes the elimination of excessive secretions. Thanks to its moisturizing action, it quickly relieves nasal dryness in adults. Ocular hygiene: Physiologica can be used to keep the outer part of the eyes (eyelids) clean in infants, children and adults.

How to use:

Rinse each nostril 1 to 6 times a day, depending on nasal hygiene needs.


0.9 g Sodium Chloride. 100 ml purified water qsp.


5 ml preservative-free single-dose vials.