Gifrer Physiological Solution for Nasal and Ophthalmic Irrigation 30 x 5ml Single Doses

Normal saline solution for nasal and ophthalmic irrigation.

Manufacturer: Gifrer

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Gifrer Physiological Solution for Nasal and Ophthalmic Irrigation is recommended for irrigation of the nasal cavity and daily ocular irrigation for infants, children and adults. Gifrer Physiological Solution facilitates nasal irrigation, especially for toddlers whose noses are often congested with mucous. It promotes the elimination of excessive secretions. Thanks to its moisturising action, it quickly relieves nasal dryness in adults.

This solution also improves ocular hygiene. Gifrer Physiological Solution can be used to keep the outer part of the eyes and the eyelids clean, for infants, children and adults.


30 single use vials of eye and nose cleansing solution, for all ages.

Directions for use:

Eye Use: Wash the eye with the solution, then wipe with a sterile pad.
Nasal Use: For newborns, babies and children, place the infant lying down with the head tilted to the side. Gently insert the tip of the unit dose into the nostril. Gently press on the unit dose to obtain the required dose. Raise the child's head and gently wipe off the excess liquid for a few moments to let the solution work. Repeat on the other side. 1 wash in each nostril 1 to 6 times a day, as needed for nasal hygiene.

Single use doses. Do not inject. Do not use the same single dose bottle for the nose and eyes. Do not keep a single dose unit after opening, throw away after use. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest.


0.9 g Sodium Chloride. 100 ml purified water qsp 100ml.


30 5ml preservative-free single-dose vials.