Gienger Physiologica Septinasal 20 single dose 5ml

Hygiene of child nasal lavage in case of cold and nasopharyngitis

Manufacturer: Gifrer



SKU: 9992807 Gienger Physiologica Septinasal 20 single dose 5 ml


Physiologica Septinasal is a washing solution of nose colds and nasopharyngitis containing a condenser used thyme known for its antibacterial properties and the copper. washing with Physiologica septinasal thus:

  • the decrease in nasal obstruction
  • removal of mucus and infectious agents
  • improvement of symptoms in case of colds with copper

Enabling to help find a better breath.


1. place the infant in a position lying, head tilted to the side. Gently insert the tip of the dose in the nostril. Gently press the dose to get the dose required. Repeat in the other nostril. 2. Wipe excess liquid gently, waiting a few moments to leave solution. 3. For infants, complete as appropriate by a suction of mucus by baby mouxhe.