GeloVox lozenges for throat 20 pellets
GeloVox lozenges for throat 20 pellets
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GeloVox lozenges for throat 20 pellets

Manufacturer: Pohl Boskamp

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Lozenges to effectively protect the throat and its mucous membranes.
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GeloVox lozenges for throat 20 pellets

Gorge is a sensitive area. It can be irritated by many factors such as impaired nasal breathing, a high load of the voice, an air dry due to heating or air conditioning, allergy to pollen, smoking.


Laboratory Pohl Boskamp to develop throat an effective product to appease him.

GeloVox pellets for the gorge to protect the throat and its mucous membrane. Thus, these lozenges soothe throat irritation and allow him to regain all its capabilities.

These lozenges allow:

  • the formation of a protective film wet which settles all irritated, areas

  • stimulation of salivation by minerals and an effervescent, light effect

  • the formation of a complex hydrogel.

Thus, the mucosa is protected against of other attacks through the hydrogel complex which settles all areas irritated mucosa to form a protective film on.

All tingling are deleted, hoarseness is decreased and the voice is found.

GeloVox throat lozenges operating tips:

Take as needed, 1 tablet several times a day, every 2 to 3 hours up to 6 per day. Take the tablets preferably after meals.

Do not exceed the recommended daily doses.

GeloVox can be used pro ringed or intermittent treatment.

To improve the effect of the pellets, it is advisable:

  • drink enough (2 to 3 L / day), preferably water or tea,
  • focus on fresh food and avoid the dishes spicy,
  • reduce the presence in places too air-conditioned or heated.


Product to keep out of reach of children and at a temperature below 25 C and dry.

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