Garancia mysterious plumping 30ml

Concentrated serum anti-aging facial face and eyes

Manufacturer: Garancia



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Garancia mysterious plumping 30ml

Overview : exploring the power of plants and nature's secrets, BAYU has developed a wonderful beauty anti-ageing face and eye treatment: mysterious plumping. its amazing texture caresses, relaxes and wraps your skin a lifting sheath and moisturizing. Instant effect! in collaboration with researchers Switzerland specialized for more than 30 years in the provision of assets, from venoms of snakes, for the pharmaceutical industry (open heart surgery), GARANCIA has developed a unique technology SpeedRlaxe that helps fight the appearance of wrinkles from all backgrounds (age, expression, dehydration), pockets and rings. this technology combines 6 botanical extracts to snake venom peptides puffiness, Concealer peptides and hyaluronic acid, a natural component of our skin which decreases with age, and which is essential for transporting water in our cells. it is often used in aesthetic medicine, injection, to plump up the skin. 5 clinical studies demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the assets of Mysterious Plumping operating tips : morning and evening , cream penny or dime fiendish tomato, across your face with emphasis on wrinkles of the forehead and the two Angulus (between the nose and mouth) as well as the contour of the eyes. oily skin can use it only.