Garancia legendary potion and Centennial 95 ml

Serum to the magical essences complexion embellisseuses and embaumantes

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Garancia legendary potion and Centennial 95 ml

Overview : GARANCIA revives a formula for the radiance of the complexion, born 200 years ago in the stills of a famous herbalist of the Empire. people said that complexion was light, transparency, energy and purity, that the appearance of the skin texture is bureaucracy every day and its power increased tenfold on the evening of the full moon. Garancia breaks new ground by providing a powerful ultra antioxidant assets (patent) : Peps'kin, protective shield against ageing, pollution, the loss of radiance... Potion Legendary and Centennial Found spreading milk aromas like a breath of good be nostalgic, serious light happiness in a distant memory of a childhood. Breathe and let yourself be captivated... You become one (e) unconditional (the) of this potion modern ancestral. operating tips : shake before use. DAB lightly with a cotton before your cream or at any time of the day on your cream or Foundation to give a shot of radiance and a finish powder. Tip: it can replace your tonic.