Garancia in two blasts of wand - pink 120g + towel

cleansing cream to clean and take care of the fragile skin of face.
Manufacturer: Garancia
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Garancia in two blasts of wand Rose 120 g + towel


In two shots of Rod is cleaners. makeup remover creams cream this cream is:

  • a makeup face and eyes,

  • an anti-aging,

  • care anti-tiraillement.

it respects the hydrolipidic skin film and bring you soothing and assets anti-aging that will stimulate day after day your skin collagen and will fight against the loss of elasticity.

in addition, its delicious fragrance with rose gives you a sensation of intense freshness and wellness.

Tips for using Garancia in two blasts of wand Rose:

firstly, apply the cream of the fingertips on the face and eyes massage slightly for a few seconds.

Then impregnate the Garancia towel with warm water and wring out it. With a towel, remove by rinsing face cream.

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