Garancia formula bewitching anti-nuclear Croco 3 in 1125 ml

Feed and Hydrate 24 gum without grain and smooth - Anti release

Manufacturer: Garancia

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Garancia formula bewitching anti-nuclear Croco 1125 ml 3

Overview : Garancia innovated by creating a new High-Tech magic formula based on HydrafiX9, a combination of 8 botanical extracts to research in plant extractions from patented assets: molecules, to the fabulous moisturizers powers, contained in the root of a plant for its survival in environments of extreme drought, used by tribes aborigines. its extraordinary texture will envelop the most dry skin in a second skin shaping Tanga (no greasy film) which leaves the skin any soft, nourished, hydrated, smoothed. its assets help to get rid of its dead cells and make new skin.