Gallia growth milk Age 3rd, Lot of 2 x 800g

milk 3rd age pronutra + which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.
Manufacturer: Gallia


SKU: 2658643 Gallia growth milk 3rd Age Lot 2 x 800g


After one year, continue with Gallia growth. At birth, your baby has an immature immune system that will develop during the first 3 years of his life. The Gallia laboratory has therefore developed Gallia growth 3 pronutra + to contribute to the proper development of the immune system of your baby from 12 months.

This milk Associates:

  • Prebiotics which contribute to the development of a good flora,

  • of vitamins A, C and D, which contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system,

  • iron which contributes to the development of the brain.

Tips for using Gallia growth milk 3rd Age:

To prepare the bottle just before the meal, use only the measuring scoop contained in this box.

Once prepared, it is advisable to consume the bottle in half an hour.

Once opened, the box can be stored for at least 4 weeks, well closed, in a cool, dry place.


Powdered milk food for infants from 12 months.

Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Before opening, store in a clean, dry place.