Gallia growth milk 3rd Age 800g

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growth-milk powder babies from 12 months to provide the nutrients needed for their organization.

Manufacturer: Gallia

SKU: 9975105 Gallia growth 3rd Age 800g

For years, the Gallia laboratory develops milks intended to resemble the perfect food for kids: breast milk.


Gallia growth milk is a milk powder suitable for babies from 12 months.

This milk Associates:

  • Prebiotics contributing to the development of a good flora,

  • contributing to the development of the brain, iron

  • of vitamins A, C and D that had proper functioning of the immune system.

Thanks to this association, this milk contributes to the functioning of the immune system of your baby from 12 months and allows it to grow in good condition.

Furthermore, this box is convenient and sanitary because it closes and contains to will and provided pod allows a suitable measurement.

Tips for using Gallia milk growth 3rd Age:

Prepare the bottle just before the baby meal.

Pour cold water into a clean bottle. Then, with the supplied measuring spoon, add the quantity of necessary milk (1 measuring spoon for 30ml water). Close the bottle and shake for a few seconds. Loosen and cool bottle then agitate again. Then, check the temperature on the inside of the wrist.

After giving the bottle, clean clear water.


Once prepared, it is advisable to consume the bottle in half an hour.

After the bottle, if it is not empty, discard the rest of the bottle.

Once opened, the box can be stored for at least 4 weeks, well closed in a cool, dry place.



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