Furterer Naturia shampoo extra-soft 50ml

SKU: 7834501 Furterer Naturia shampoo extra-soft 50ml


Laboratories Ren Furterer have developed for frequent use Balancing shampoo extra-soft Naturia.

It effectively washes the hair and gives shine without damaging them. It is suitable for all types of hair, from the finest to thickest. Indeed, it respected the balance of hair and gives them the softness and lightness.

Thanks to its purifying oils, it provides a real source of well-being. Moreover, fragrant chewy texture bring freshness and suppleness to hair.

Hair is cleaned, fed and full without being assaulted.

Furterer Naturia operating tips:

Wet the hair and then apply throughout hair. Scrub gently and rinse thoroughly with clean water.