Forte Pharma vitality 4 G Defenses 20 light bulbs

SKU: 2131434 Forte Pharma vitality 4 G Defenses 20 light bulbs


Vitality 4 G Defenses of the Forte Pharma laboratories has been specially formulated and contains:

-ginseng which contribute to physical and mental abilities

- natural Guarana

- ginger which supports the body's natural defenses

- Royal Jelly

- propolis: produced by bees

Tips for using Forte Pharma vitality 4 G defences:

it is recommended to take one bulb per day, pure or diluted in a glass of water. Shake it before use. The product contains elements of natural origin, so it is possible that a light deposit is formed, that no altere in nothing the properties of the constituents.


aqueous ginger aqueous guarana extract aqueous extract, Ginseng extract, natural orange flavour, aroma natural lemon, jelly Royal 200 mg, honey, Eleutherococcus, Propolis, food caramel E 150, thickener colour gum guar E 142, curator sorbate E 202 K and Na E 211 benzoate .