Feliway diffuser 48ml refill

Natural solution that soothes the cats and kittens.

Manufacturer: Feliway

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SKU: 8172798 Feliway diffuser 48 ml refill


Feliway is a refill for diffuser of the same brand. Feliway helps control the undesirable behavior in cats and kittens. The cat likes its territory, not feeling comfortable in its environment, it can damage some of your furniture with its claws when it is in a place of passage, or several odors are deposited. Feliway is a natural anti-stress solution containing natural pheromones of feline, it allows to soothe your pet safe. Set in a strategic location in your home, the Feliway diffuser will allow a your cat is feeling good about its environment.

indications of Feliway refill:

  • Soothes the cat
  • Avoid the biting and urinary markings
  • Help the cat to deal with stress when moving, noises, adoption or newcomer (baby or other pet).
  • Feliway is not a sedative and has no effect on other animals and humans.

operating tips:

Place the diffuser in a place of passage in your home or apartment. Read the instructions carefully before the first use.