Epitact Spreaders Epithelium Hallux Valgus 2 Units

A pair of spreader to limit the deviation of the big toe (hallux valgus)

Manufacturer: Epitact



SKU: 4328878 Epitact spacers Epithelium 26

Sold by pair.


to minimize the deviation of the big toe (Hallux Valgus) by improving its roster.

How does it work?

The spacer to align the toe by avoiding the overlap on neighboring toes. It is produced in Epithelium whose distribution of pressure and inhibition of friction properties have been widely validated. The soft material and the form of the trim, in keeping with the foot, provide immediate comfort. The wedge contains an antimicrobial compound that guarantees its quality bacterial and fungal.


If you maintain them properly, you will wear them every day for about 2 months.