Epitact protects pointed toes Epithelium 26 size L


SKU: 4328909 Epitact protected GE pointed toes Epithelium 26 size L

Size L 42 / 45 the pair.


To protect and relieve the tops of the toes of physical attacks related to friction and the hyperpressions (horns. toes and claw hammer...). How does it work? In order to apportion the pressures and limit the formation of corns on the top of the toes. the tip protectors include a protection in the form of lunula. composed of Epithelium 26 and covered with fabric. The fabric chose pou comfort (softness. perspiration) and a perfect maintenance (elasticity). Wear to the skin for maximum comfort (except on a wound unprotected) under a footer. a sticky or a sock. Slide the foot into the tip protectors: inside. the lunula must position themselves above the toes. from the base to the tip. The seam outside foot should back slightly on the top of the foot (see instructions). Then thread socks. low or sticky above for a better maintenance.


If you care for them as it is. should you wear them daily for several months. Comment: Machine washable at 40 C in the net of washing where handmade without rubbing. Let dry naturally. Do not iron.