Epitact pads Plantar Epithelium 26 size S

SKU: 7668942 Epitact pads Plantar Epithelium 26 size S

Size 36 / 38


Aging of the Plantar Capito, calluses, rheumatism, algodystrophy, prolonged standing: you nurse, hairdresser, restaurant, sport seeking the forefoot: fencing, basketball, football, volleyball...

How does it work?

They distribute the weight of the body on the set of the support area and replaces the natural Plantar Capito. They have a perfect maintenance under the foot. They are discrete, thin, you wear them in your regular shoes. They exist in all sizes. They are very comfortable thanks to the chosen fabric (softness, perspiration). They have a long period of use. They are machine-washable at 40 . Avoid wearing bare feet, prefer so the ankle- or soles.


If you wear them every day by washing as it should, you will keep your pads for several months. However remember to change them at least once a year.