Epitact heel to the Physio shock and Epithelium man

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A pair of heels to relieve joint pain and back pain. Man size

Manufacturer: Epitact



SKU: 7915636 Epitact heel to the Physio shock and Epithelium man

Size humans. the pair.


These heels are intended to relieve joint pains and backaches caused by l ' Shockwave that passes through the body at every step.


How does it work?

The DynABS

. 5 mm d "thickness, is a powerful shock absorber." It enables the dissipation of l 'energy generated when the shock between the floor and the foot. The insertion of gel d "Epithelium provides extra comfort. These heel cups have a perfect hold in the shoe with adhesive double-sided. These heel cups, which cut easily, are available in 2 sizes.


you can leave them in your shoes for several months.

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