Elixir of Swedish digestive Bio 20 ampoules x 10ml

The famous now available in Bio and non-alcoholic Swedish bitters. Always as effective with these 59 plants.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires St-Benoît

SKU: 9930930 Elixir of Swedish Bio digestive 20 Ampoules X 10Ml


The elixir of Swedish, it is a complete preparation that is known and recognized for centuries. Its effectiveness is no longer to.

Is query to monitored depending on the ingredients that composed.

Some do not use the good plants nor the good means of extraction.

Our elixir is controlled and its follow-up ensures you exceptional quality.

directions for use:

Made a cure of 20 days, at the rate of a bulb per day, with an orange juice in the morning.


aqueous extracts of Manna ash, Angelica, of frangula, artichoke (14.8%), of zedoary, of carline, myrrh, black raids (7.4%), aloes, saffron, Venetian aromatic aroma.


Box of 20 ampoules of 10 ml