Duo LP - PRO 150ml + comb


SKU: 4625777 LP - PRO duo 150ml + comb

Effective to 100% in 1 single APPLICATION 1 full treatment in 1 single application against nits and lice DUO LP PRO is the only lice which clinical study shows fully (100%) effective on lice and nits in 1 single application UNIQUE proprietary formula based Oxyphthirine , which affects the respiratory system of nits and lice causing their suffocation. Oxyphthirine mouth opercula microperforation of nits and respiratory openings, lice for net stop their development and thus eradicate infestation Soft for children DUO LP PRO is odorless fluid lotion specially designed for the comfort of use and respect for the scalp of children: without fragrance, essential oils or alcohol * excellent tolerance : Irritability rate tested under dermatological control: 0.00% * nonflammable * is Suitable for children from 6 months * Without contraindications for asthmatics and people with epilepsy