Ducray Nutricerat Anti-Dryness Protective Spray 75ml


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Ducray Nutricercat Anti-Dryness Protective Spray 75ml

 Ducray dermatological laboratories have developed a hair care range that treats dry and very damaged hair called Nutricercat. Intensely nutricious, this treatment is made from protectors, repairers and a unique combination of illipe butter.

Whenever the hair may be damaged from external aggressions such as from salt water, rain and wind, Nutricercat Anti-dryness spray protects the hair fibers. Lllipé butter has essential nutrients that protect the hair. A protective relipident complex associated with solar filter prevents hair from drying out and feeling brittle. Sheathing agents allow your hair to be detangled more easily, whilst providing softness and shine.


Anti-dryness protective guard. For very dry and damaged hair.

Directions for use

Spray on damp hair after using shampoo. Hair can be damaged from salt water and other external aggressions. Do not rinse.
Use the hair care as often as necessary.