Ducray Nutricerat Spray 75ml Whiteboard

Spray protective antidessechement. Very dry hair and very damaged.

Manufacturer: Ducray

SKU: 4571780 Ducray Nutricerat Spray 75 ml Whiteboard

indications: Spray antidessechement guard. very dry hair and very damaged. Les laboratories dermatological DUCRAY developed a line of hair care meets the requirements of very dry and very damaged hair: Nutricerat. Particularly nutritious, care composing (protectors or repairers) are formulated from the unique combination of a lipid complex of Illipe butter.

Each time that the hair may be altered (in baths of sea, baths in swimming-pool, exposure to the Sun, the wind...), Nutricerat Spray Antidessechement Guard protects the hair fiber assaults. illipe butter brings the nutrients essential to the hair. a relipident complex seboreconstituant and protector associated with a solar filter helps protect the hair fiber drying. pantyhose agents allow an easy Detangling while providing sweetness softness and shine. operating tips: Spray on damp hair, After shampooing, a bath of sea, pool or whenever the hair may be attacked... Do not rinse.

Use the hair care as often as necessary.