Ducray Ictyane water micellar 200ml

water micellar moisturizing Ictyane, demaquille and cleanses normal to dry skin.

Manufacturer: Ducray

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SKU: 4142375 Ducray Ictyane water micellar 200ml


Ictyane water micellar moisturizing Ducray laboratories is a treatment that cleans and cleanses the face and the eyes of normal skin and dry. This treatment is particularly suitable for women with dehydrated skin, sensitive eyes (carrier of contact lenses), looking for a moisturizing cleansing hygiene and high tolerance.

Ictyane micellar water indications:

Paraben, SOAP-free, alcohol-free and skin physiological pH, Ictyane water micellar moisturizing has no need to be rinsed. It cleans and cleanses gently, even waterproof makeup. It moisturizes and protects from irritation all in one step.

operating tips:

Apply on the face, gently rub, this micellar water requires no rinsing.