Ducray Ictyane cream cleansing 200ml

Cream shower without SOAP of a large smoothness with cleaning agents
Manufacturer: Ducray
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SKU 4240712 Ducray Ictyane cream cleansing 200 ml


Shower cream without a high lubricity SOAP, using cleaning agents sweetest enriched with emollients principles very quickly absorbed. It cleans the skin without irritating it and restores the deficient hydrolipidic film of dry and fragile skin. Hygiene and care of dry skin.

tips to use:

Drop a few product in the Palm of your hand, then apply on the entire body and face, emulsify then rinse.


Complex superfatting. Protective film-forming agent. Basic cleaning without SOAP. Complex vaseline/Glycerin. Scent of range Ictyane. Without SOAP. Perfume. Conservative. Compatibility sensitive skin / reactive. Compatibility pH skin or mucous. Base soft cleansing.