Countertop Aroma essential oil of lavender 10ml

Essential oil Bio True Lavender serenity and digestive comfort.

Manufacturer: Le Comptoir Aroma

SKU: 9651868

countertop Aroma essential oil of lavender 10 ml


The counter of the Aroma is the organic aromatherapy specialist.

The true Lavender is a shrub with foliage persistent and aromatic. Its essential oil plays a role in digestive comfort, it is soothing and participates in quality sleep.

Operating tips:

This essential oil can be used in broadcasting, in the bath with a neutral base massage with vegetable oil and oral.

It is discouraged in the pregnant or nursing, and children less than 7 years. do not apply pure.


Ingredients: organic Lavender officinalis. HE body: flowering flowering. Chemotype: linalyl acetate, linalool.


10 ml amber bottle