Corega Polident fixing cream device partial 40g

Fixing cream for partial denture.
Manufacturer: Polident
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SKU: 6218415 Corega Polident fixing cream device partial 40g


Polident is a Fixative cream for partial dental appliances. This cream has been developed to offer improved stability to your device and secondly protect your natural teeth.

this cream is a real dental care with a triple action:

  • it forms a barrier against food particles
  • it helps stabilize the dental device
  • it protects from irritation of the gums

Polident cream Fixative apparatus partial operating tips:

do not apply too much cream to avoid overflows. This treatment is for use once a day, do not hesitate to sought advice from your dentist. Once your cleaned appliance apply cream on it, rinse your mouth and attach it firmly holding and modez seconds to make fixing.