Compeed horns medium Format box of 10 dressings


SKU: 7132733 Compeed horns medium Format box of 10 dressings

indications: . horns relieves immediately. 10 dressings. Innovation: Compeed consists of a virtually invisible and flexible gel for even more comfort. it protects friction and pressure it moisturizes in depth and softens the cor to eliminate it gently but effectively. operating tips: begin with clean, disinfect and dry the skin. Remove the protection film. Gently stretch the skin, without stretching the dressing applying. press on the skin in making sure that the edges adhere well. COMPEED adheres perfectly when it is heated, after application maintain the hand for a minute or more. Composition: Artificial elastomer, tackifier resins, Dbit particles (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) plasticiser, polyurethane film.