ChronoDorm melatonin 30 tablets

food melatonin-based supplement to reduce the time of falling asleep.

Manufacturer: Iprad

SKU: 6401852 ChronoDorm melatonin 30 pills


ChronoDorm melatonin is a food supplement made from melatonin in the form of sublingual tablets to dissolve under the tongue. This form allows absorption and therefore quick action of this supplement.

Melatonin helps to reduce the time to fall asleep and also to mitigate the effects of the shift schedule tasks travellers.

ChronoDorm melatonin operating tips:

  • for people who want to take the pill on time or over a period of 15 days: dissolve one tablet under the tongue half an hour before going to bed. it is recommended to take the tablet at the same time. A renew if necessary.

  • For travelers wishing to mitigate the effects of jet lag: dissolve one tablet under the tongue a half hour before sunset the day before the departure. Take a pill to melt under your tongue half an hour before sunset the next day and the days following the day of arrival at a destination.

Do not swallow the tablet with the water.


Reserved for adults.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use only in addition to a varied and balanced diet.