CB12 Boost 10 gums

SKU: 6516868 CB12 Boost 10 gums

Bad breath is a problem which can become disabling in the long run. It can be caused by poor digestion, acid gastro-esophageal or causes of dental diseases. This can affect social life. Should quickly remedy.


CB12 Boost is a sugar-free chewing gum that contains zinc and fluorine. It helps to prevent halitosis.

Bad breath or halitosis can affect anyone and has generally no medical origin. When the doubt settles in, that you feel that your breath is heavy or after a meal without the possibility of brushing your teeth, these gums allow to ensure fresh breath.

CB12 Boost is triple action:

  • sodium fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents caries,

  • zinc prevents bad breath

  • xylitol reduces plaque.

usage is easy and convenient because just chewing gum at any time of the day.

The results are immediate, the breath becomes safe. In addition, this product leaves a whiff of freshness in the mouth.

CB12 Boost operating tips:

Take an eraser as soon as bad breath occurs: after a coffee, a meal spicy, a cigarette and a glass of alcohol,... Chewing gum as a chewing gum. Renew the application when necessary.

Do not use more than 5 chewing gum per day.


CB12 Boost gums contain fluoride and may not be used before 12 years.

Thanks to the fluorine, CB12 Boost is a very good complement to fluorine toothpaste.