Canys line dog Lotion 75ml ear care

Lotion care of dog ears to clean them and protect them.
Manufacturer: Canys


SKU: 9868728

Canys line dog Lotion care of ears 75 ml

Canys laboratory specializes in the care of animals. In fact, it develops product lines for cats or dogs for their health, their health, their beauty and their behavior.


Line dog Dermato is a range designed to take care of your dog.

Line dog Care of ears Lotion is a lotion suitable for:

  • the hygiene of the ear of the dog and the puppy

  • clean and protect the ears,

  • prevent skin diseases.


Care of the ears lotion promotes the removal of excess Earwax, dust and debris. It contains the silk serine Lipester that directly prevents diseases of the dog and puppy ear.

Fragrance and colorant-free, this care is high tolerance and respects the sensitive skin of your pet.

dog ear care Lotion line operating tips:

Drill the end.

Proceed by pressure instillation into the ear canal. Then massage the base of the ear to encourage the elimination of impurities.

Wipe the inside of the ear with gauze or a cotton, wetted with lotion,.

Renew this operation 2 times per week.

Attention, do not use a cotton swab.