Calmosine beverage soothing Digestive 100ml

Calmosine drink extracts of plants (fennel, lime, orange blossom)

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SKU: 4091034 Calmosine beverage soothing digestive 100ml


Calmosine is a dietary supplement of natural and soft: is a family-run herbal product, composed of aqueous extracts of 3 plants (fennel, lime and orange blossom). administered before a meal, Calmosine brings fennel and lime that contribute to normal renal elimination.

Its formula is complemented by the Orange to make a delicate aroma formula. Calmosine also works at small.

operating tips:

5 ml to drink pure before each meal, up to 6 times per day

Calmosine digestion can be given to children from the earliest age, in accordance with the instructions for use.

This drink can be used as long as required.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

daily plant

Quantity expressed in dry plants for a 30 ml shot (6 doses of 5 ml) : Fennel seed 3.8 mg Linden bract 3.8 mg orange Blossom flower 3.8 mg Indications:

It is very important to keep the bottle of Calmosine digestion in the refrigerator after opening and consume it within 10 days.

Calmosine digestion is a drink made from organic plant extracts containing no preservatives.

must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children and away from heat and humidity.


water, extracted from plants (vegetable Glycerin, fennel seeds [Foeniculum vulgare], flowering tops of Linden [Tilia cordata], Orange [Citrus aurantium] flowers (0.16 %)) fructose, acidifier: acid citric.