Bioderma Sensibio H2O wipes skin bag of 25


SKU: 7916558 Bioderma Sensibio H2O wipes dermatological bag 25

Description: dermatological wipes Sensibio H2O are imbued with an active micellar solution made from cleaners ultra-soft. they ensure a perfect cleaning and/or remove make-up from the skin and sensitive eyes by a process of MicroEmulsion of impurities. Wipes dermatological Sensibio H2O eliminate all traces of makeup even resistant to water. enriched with soothing assets, wipes dermatological Sensibio H2O prevent feelings of irritation often associated with cleaning. large and resistant, dermatological wipes Sensibio H2O allow clean face and eyes in a single step. Their smooth texture and super soft fully respects the balance of skin (physiological pH). formula scented. without alcohol. Without SOAP. bag of 25 wipes ACL 791 655.8

Indications: dermatological wipes that clean and dmaquillent smooth sensitive skin.

operating tips: Apply the wipe on your face. Renew the application until a wipe clean (you can use both sides of the cloth). dermatological wipes Sensibio H2O can be used without a rinse. Think well to reseal the pouch after use in order to preserve the integrity of the wipes. dermatological wipes Sensibio H2O use morning and evening.