Bioderma Sensibio Fort cream 40ml


SKU: 7946217 Bioderma Sensibio Fort cream 40 ml

Description: active soothing and modulators, Sensibio Fort Rich quickly relieves reactive events and raises the threshold of tolerance of the epidermis. agents moisturizers, humectants are fighting against cutaneous dehydration that often accompanies the state irritatif. Sensibio Fort thus permanently restores the comfort of the skin. Formula without perfume. Hypoallergenic.

indications: Sensibio Fort is suitable for women, men and children. red Skins and heated. Soothing of fast action.

operating tips: if redness and/or intense heating, apply Sensibio Fort 2-3 times per day on a cleaned skin, ideally with Sensibio H2O or Sensibio TS H2O. space the application of Sensibio Fort in improvement.