Bioderma Sensibio AR Tinted Cream 40ml

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Sensibio AR Tinted Cream immediately soothes the skin, preventing redness while reducing its intensity and aggravation. The patented Rosactiv complex in Sensibio AR tinted cream acts directly on the factors responsible for the expansion and weakening of the skin (sources of permanent redness). Sensibio AR tinted cream thus continuously combats the appearance and aggravation of the redness. Sensibio's AR tinted cream treatment instantly reduces redness and heat sensations through the combination of intense soothing ingredients. The cream acts to cover the redness and enhances the natural colour of the face. It helps to gain a bright complexion. Rashy skin is often thin, fragile, dry and sensitive to external factors (cold, hot, wind). Sensibio AR tinted cream protects the skin from external aggressions through powerful hydrating and restructuring active ingredients . 

Formulated using perfectly with high-tolerance ingredients, without fragrances or dyes, Sensibio AR tinted cream guarantees a the best skin tolerance. To optimise one's skin care from the time of application, Sensibio AR tinted cream has a wonderful cosmetic effect, with its light, non-greasy creamy texture. Hypoallergenic. No colouring. ACL 459 356.3


This ultra comfort, anti-redness daily care guarantees  protection for sensitive skin experiencing permanent or transient (related to weather, emotional stress, diet, body temperature) redness.

Recommended Use:

Apply Sensibio AR cream 1-2 times per day on skin that has been cleaned and dried carefully (ideally with Sensibio H2O or Sensibio TS H2O) . The intensity of the colour is linked to the quantity of product used. In case of intense heat, Sensibio AR tinted cream can be combined with Sensibio Fort which has a soothing and rapid action. During sunny periods, we recommend that you use a sun protection product suitable for sensitive and reactive skins.

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P. Gloria
  the 15/08/2021
5/ 5
Brilliant and gentle.