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Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50 + tinted Cream Golden face 40ml

£7.28 This product is no longer made or distributed.
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SKU 5379079 Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50 + tinted cream face 40ml


maximum Photoprotection tinted face for pathological skin: -intolerant skins for all types of sunlight (photosensitive), summer intolerances benign. -Milky skin punctuated with freckles or ephelides (phototype I) tasks and subject to a maximum sunshine (tropical glaciers). -hyperreactives skins in the Sun: pregnant woman (mask of pregnancy or chloasma), scars). -camouflage and pigment disorders of skin IMPERFECTIONS. perfect for skins dry. one hand its new system filter searching BIODERMA, guarantees a homogeneous and constant protection against UVA and UVB. His extreme 'anti-UVA' unparalleled performance fight against premature skin aging and prevents solar intolerances. Its efficiency anti-UVB protects safely from sunburn and therefore potential dangers than their repetition generates long term. on the other hand, its patented complex BIOprotection cell directly protects cells from the harmful effects of UV by stimulating the active defences of the skin and preserving its DNA. lightweight and silky texture skin a sensation of comfort and extreme softness. It spreads very easily without leaving a greasy film.

operating tips:

Emulsion to apply uniformly in thin layer on the skin. renew the application very regularly in case of elimination (friction, wiping...).

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