Bioderma Node shampoo fluid 200ml

daily shampoo, non-detergent, suitable for all hair types.

Manufacturer: Bioderma



SKU: 4506015 Bioderma Node shampoo fluid 200 ml


The shampoo fluid laboratories Bioderma Node is suitable for daily use and can be used in treating shampoos relay. It is suitable for all hair types.

the base washer non-irritating and non-delipidante of Node fluid allows perfectly clean dirt and avoid the too rapid regreasing of hair. its body-shaping properties and replenishing strengthen the hair shaft, easy styling and restores volume to the hair. regularly used, Node fluid avoids hair imbalances. It is particularly suitable for sensitive scalp, it avoids the inflammations and sensations of itching, characteristic of capillary sensitivity.

indications of Node fluid :

  • Non-Detergent shampoo
  • All hair types
  • Daily use
  • Respected the capillary balance
  • Brilliance and flexibility
  • takes over from treating shampoos


  • scented formula.
  • without cocamidopropylbetaine.

Tips for using shampoo Node fluid :

After wet your hair, apply Node fluid, and lather while massaging the scalp without attacking. rinse thoroughly with warm water repeat the operation if necessary. rinse time must always be greater than the time to wash. dry your hair in the open air or, if you use a dryer, make sure that the air is not too hot (excess heat stimulates the secretions of sweat and sebum and makes the) Electric hair).