Auriga Melalight Serum corrector 15ml stain

SKU: 4639934 auriga Melalight Serum corrector 15 ml stain


Spots are most often due to frequent exposure to the Sun, but these localized hyperpigmentation can have various origins such as melasma, or taking certain medications.

Auriga MELALIGHT Srum is a depigmenting intensive and is the ideal treatment to treat the spots of diverse origin. Vitamin C and phytic acid work synergistically in order to block the synthesis of the pigment responsible for the appearance of these. Thanks to its specific ROS patented system by Auriga laboratory, this serum allows the complete disappearance of hyperpigmented areas.

Auriga Melalight Serum operating tips:

Apply corrector serum on your skin, 2 times per day to cover all areas to be treated. Wait about 20 minutes before applying a screen solar or any other cream. This bottle will keep 3 months after opening.