Auriga Cernor Kit concealer cure 3 months 2x10ml

SKU: 9851656 Auriga Cernor kit concealer 3 months of treatment 2 x 10ml

Auriga Cernor kit consists of 2 products CERNOR cream and CERNOR MicroEmulsion. The association of these 2 components is intended to clarify and improve the appearance of dark circles coloured vascular reinforcing the wall of blood vessels so that it is waterproof.


Rings are due to brown or black pigment deposits around the eyes. They persist, giving you a sad air and tired. As the skin under the eyes is very thin and fragile, it is possible to see discolouration of vascular origin.

AURIGA International is the only laboratory to offer CERNOR kit on the 2 main causes of formation of dark circles:

  • CERNOR cream is specially formulated to increase the resistance of the blood vessels.
  • CERNOR MicroEmulsion will allow to reduce the dark aspect of the rings.


Apply in small quantities CERNOR cream morning and full CERNOR MicroEmulsion evening tree-ring by light massage until absorbed. Avoid sun exposure after application.


CERNOR cream:

Vitamin K oxide: affects the circulatory causes of dark circles.

CERNOR MicroEmulsion:

  • rutin sulphate: strengthens the capillary walls.
  • vitamin C, Ferulic acid and acid Phytique: act synergistically.

They pals iron to mitigate the effects of staining due to the deposit of melanin.