Auriga Auriderm bruises and Contusions 15ml

SKU: 9664718 auriga Auriderm bruises and Contusions 15 ml


Bruises and contusions are small headaches of everyday life, they are frequent and can be unsightly depending on location or they are.

Blue color that appears during an is caused by the rupture of micro blood vessels whose blood spreads in the tissues. To accelerate the disappearance of the Blues, the Auriga laboratories offer Micro-Emulsion AURIDERM care whose assets will foster the resorption of bruises and contusions.

Auriga Auriderm Micro emulsion composition:

  • Rutinyl Disodium and the Ferulic acid contained in micro particles the particles will release the active within tissues and these will act synergistically to accelerate the elimination of the accumulated blood.

operating tips:

2 times a day, apply a few drops on the affected area and massage until total absorption.