Aspivenin 1 rescue anti-venom Kit

The resulting pain by the stings or bites of venomous animals.

Manufacturer: Aspilabo



SKU: 6254227 Aspivenin 1 rescue anti-venom Kit indications: mini pump ASPIVENIN can alleviate pain caused by bites or stings from venomous animals. ASPIVENIN has been specially designed to be used with one hand. It is a first aid pending the necessary medical care in serious cases. principle: aspiration without pain from the venom by instant and permanent vacuum 10 times higher than the oral suction. ASPIVENIN is reusable. Tips : adapt the times according to the animal. WaSP, bee, Hornet... 1-3 minutes. -Mosquito, fly: 20 to 30 seconds. -Vive, jellyfish, fish stone...: 2-3 minutes -Snake: 3 minutes -Spider, scorpion...: 1 to 2 minutes. contraindications: do not use on eyelids and genitals. presentation: box containing a pump and 4 different size tips.