Aquatabs 60 effervescent tablets

Tablet for purification and disinfection of water

Manufacturer: Aquatabs



SKU: 7579026 Aquatabs effervescent tablets 60


AQUATABS comes in effervescent tablets, purifies the water in a 1/2 hour and keeps 24 hours. allows to treat water whose quality is unknown or questionable. Prevents diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders in eliminating micro-organisms transmitted by contaminated water. useful to all persons travelling. Aquatabs purifies the water in a 1/2 hour and the keeps 24 hours. Composition:

dichloro-s-triazinetrione sodium For 1 liter of water, contains 3.5 mg of active ingredient, USE: Add 1 tablet in 1 litre of clear water; allow 30 minutes before consuming. Precautions:

do not treat water trouble without having filtered it beforehand with a cloth. tablets can be stored for 5 years away from the light. 60 effervescent tablets Box.